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No matter how large or small your project, Bespoke Builders has the knowledge and ability to work with you from start to finish. Our industry has the important task of helping communities run efficiently by building office complexes, schools, hospitals and restaurants that play a vital role in modern society. We know how important our job is for the community. We are constantly evolving to stay on top of the latest technologies, ideas, and trends in commercial construction in order to make the construction process run as smoothly as possible.

Design & Functionality of Commercial Structures

Commercial projects can range from:
  1. site improvements for future buildings
  2. construction of only the shell of a building to
  3. tenant improvements or,
  4. turn-key construction.
Design guidelines can vary, not only from client to client, but also from location to location. There are a lot of factors to take into account when planning a new commercial structure. Not only does the design of a new building usually need to fit the general aesthetics of its surroundings, but it also must take into account the function of the building. Planning aesthetic, raw materials, design and zoning requirements change with each project and require experienced, professional contractors and design professionals to implement correctly. The aesthetic of any building is important and when selecting a general contractor to work with, it is important to make sure they can help you achieve the desired outcome while also taking into account the many other facets of the construction process. Bespoke Builders would be happy to work with you via a Design-build project to achieve your goals.

Commercial Construction Technology

There has been much advancement in commercial construction technology. Among them are improvements in lighting controls and building automation, to name a couple. On the construction side, advancements in technology have made job site communication more convenient with mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, where pictures can be used to quickly send and receive answers for RFI͛s (requests for information) or to send updates. All of the advancements in technology can be valuable tools for superintendents and project managers to not only keep a project on track, but also eliminate wasted time and duplication of efforts.

Eco-friendly & Green Commercial Building

Amid growing concerns about rising energy prices, energy independence, and the impact of climate change, statistics show buildings to be the primary energy consumer in the U.S. This fact underscores the importance of targeting building energy use as a key to decreasing energy consumption. The building sector can significantly reduce energy use by incorporating energy-efficient strategies into the design, construction, and operation of new buildings and undertaking retrofits to improve the efficiency of existing buildings. It can further reduce dependence on fossil fuel derived energy by increasing use of on-site and off-site renewable energy sources. The concept of a Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB), one which produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year, has recently evolved from research to reality. As a result of advances in construction technologies, renewable energy systems, and academic research, creating Net Zero Energy buildings is becoming more and more feasible. One of the architects Bespoke Builders works with has recently designed several ͞Net Zero͟ buildings, including some multi-family projects. Systems such as solar power, geothermal HVAC, geothermal plumbing, solar water heating or underground HVAC ducting, in conjunction with energy efficient and well-insulated walls, roofs, windows, and doors, are a few options that can be used to create ͞Net Zero͟ buildings. Commercial construction has taken many steps over the past ten years to become more environmentally friendly using more recycled or “green” products as well as more energy efficient materials and equipment. There are products such as Bio walls, which use vegetation to filter air and improve air quality when used indoors; working as an insulation at the same time as improving air quality when used on exterior walls, all while offering a dramatic aesthetic, “wow” factor. Bio walls costs are comparable to several other high-end wall finishes. There are several other “green” products such as LED lighting, recycled insulation, dual plumbing systems, green design software, electrochromic glass, etc. that can have some higher initial costs for construction, but will save in energy use and create a more environmentally friendly and energy efficient building. Bespoke Builders can work with you to address your concerns with energy efficiency and/or “green building” during the design and construction process to achieve your goals.


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