Jobsite safety is a never-ending concern on every construction site. The safety and well-being of Bespoke Builders’ employees, subcontractors and clients is of utmost importance to us.

Bespoke Builders has a Safety Program in place for it’s employees, and ensures all subcontractors and/or visitors to the project sites also follow strict safety guidelines, such as requiring hard hats and all PPE (personal protective equipment) be worn on site, keeping first aid kits in the project trailer or in the building, proper job site attire such as work boots and pants are required, etc. Shannon, the founder of Bespoke Builders, is OSHA 30 and CPR & First Aid certified and takes the safety of everyone very seriously. Upkeep, such as requiring regular inspection of tools, power cords, ladders, etc., is key to keeping everyone safe from accidents due to faulty equipment. Also, a clean site is a safe site and daily cleanup is a requirement.

The bottom line is, there is no compromise when it comes to safety, but working safely does not slow down a project. To the contrary, a well-organized project and clean construction site will be a safe construction site and will improve productivity and the overall attitude of everyone working, with the end result being a quality project, completed safely and on time.


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