Arizona Residential Contractor

Bespoke Builders is a leader in residential construction projects. Construction in areas like Flagstaff or Show Low will vary from construction in Phoenix, Tucson or Sierra Vista because of the snow loads and differences in climate and soils. Wherever your residential construction project is in Arizona, Bespoke Builders has the experience to handle your project. When you work with us, you can be sure that all local building rules and regulations are met in order for your dream home construction project to become a reality. Serving all of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Tucson, Flagstaff and all of Arizona. Our residential construction services include:

Having a Custom Home Built

residential-home-construction, Bespoke Builders, Phoenix, AZWhether you’ve already purchased plans for your new home, had your architect design your home, or just know what amenities you want in your home but do not have the design process started yet, Bespoke Builders can work with you to construct the home you desire. We can work with you to design, put your vision on a plan and build your dream house, second home, vacation home, starter home or retirement home from start to finish.

Property Renovating & Remodeling

Want to add a pool, remove walls that have closed off rooms to create an open floor plan, upgrade your kitchen, replace your flooring or add an entirely new wing to your house? Bespoke Builders can help you turn your house into the home you’ve always wanted. There is no project too small or too large.

Home Additions

Adding more space to your home will not only give you more room to live, but it will also significantly increase the value of your home. Whether adding an Arizona room, patio, mother-in-law suite or building a guest house, the team at Bespoke Builders can make your concept a reality.

New Energy-efficient Doors & Windows

Heating and cooling can sneak out of your doors and windows causing your energy bills to be considerably higher than they should be. One of the best ways to combat a rising energy bill is to replace old windows and doors with more energy efficient ones. Investing indoors and windows will not only save on energy, but will add value to your home. A simple thing like replacing interior doors can also have a dramatic effect on the home’s appearance as well as noise reduction if you have hollow core doors and upgrade to solid core.

Monsoon Storm & Rain Damage Repairs

Bespoke Builders can make sure that your home is prepared for the extreme weather that can hit Arizona. We can prepare, repair and reduce the impact of storm damage on your home.

Antique & Historic Home Restoration

If you have an antique or historical home, it is important to make sure your contractors are skilled in working with older homes and giving them the care and attention they require. It is possible to restore antique homes to meet modern building standards, as well as to have the latest in technology and amenities without compromising the historic look and feel. It takes a skilled team with experience working with older homes. Shannon, the owner of Bespoke Builders, has renovated historic district homes in Phoenix, farmhouses from the 1800’s in Michigan, Brownstones in Brooklyn Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant from the 1800’s and rowhouses in East New York from as early as the 1600’s.


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