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Arizona Licensed Home Remodeling Contractor

At Bespoke Builders, we make the home remodeling process easy. We know that you may want a change, but may not be ready to sell your home. Remodeling is a great option when you change, but aren’t ready to make a move. Remodeling can not only update your home, but also add value.

Below, we share some important information when considering an Arizona remodeling and renovating project.

Is Now the Right Time for You to Remodel?

Short-term owners may want to reconsider when thinking about remodeling. Small updates like painting, door fixtures or floors are great to do in the short term, but more long-term remodels should only be taken up if you plan to live in your house for at least 5 years. This way, you get the most out of your investment.

Financing a Renovation Project

There are many ways to pay for a home renovation project. Lines or credit, loans or savings are all viable options made based on your current financial situation. When deciding on the updates that you will make to your home, it’s best to follow the general guideline of only improving your home up to 25% of its current value. Contact us today to receive an estimate on what your remodeling plans may cost.

Get to Know Your Contractor

It’s important to make sure that all contractors and subcontractors are fully insured and licensed. Make sure they have a workers compensation policy to cover anyone who may be injured while working on your project. This ensures that you are not liable for any expenses that may be incurred after an injury.

Make sure that your contractor has plenty of experience and is aware of all of the rules and regulations in the state of Arizona. You should review the entire project with the contractor and have them establish a budget based on their experience. Ask the contractor to be open with you and if what you want to do cannot be realistically accomplished within your budget, you can ask for ideas and suggestions of what can be done to accomplish as much of what you would like. Once under construction, make sure the contractor provides regular updates as the project progresses, to ensure they are still on budget and can find solutions to get back within the budget if unexpected things arise.

While you may be required to supply the funds necessary to purchase the products, your contractor should source them with your budget in mind. At Bespoke Builders, your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us, and we will always work to ensure we are meeting your budgetary and design needs.

Building Regulations & Permits

Must you obtain a permit before your home remodeling project can begin? Any substantial changes to the house will require a permit, however, smaller updates such as painting, replacing flooring, or updating plumbing fixtures can be done without a permit. Make sure you work with a company like Bespoke Builders, who fully understand the laws pertaining to building permits in Arizona. If you choose a company who doesn’t have the right experience or know what must be permitted or inspected, your project may not end up being completed or may cost extra money if local codes and inspection requirements are not followed.


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