Arizona Home Additions Contractor

House additions are a great way to add value to your home. Maybe you’ve always wanted a two-car garage, or a sunroom or even a bigger kitchen. At Bespoke Builders, we will work with you to make sure that your home addition runs smoothly and that all of your needs are met. As a Phoenix-based contractor, we are centrally located and can work with you whether your home is anywhere in the valley, or as far away as Tucson or Flagstaff.

How to Prepare

Before beginning any home addition project, think about your home and how it could be improved. Make a list of all of the features that you wish your home had. This will make it much easier to plan and budget your home improvement project. Make sure you research zoning restrictions and permit requirements that may be needed as well as find out what your property setbacks are to determine if you are able to add on to your house as you desire. A professional contracting company, like Bespoke Builders, can save you both time and money if you are thinking of making additions to your home. We will make sure that all local regulations are met and that the job is done right the first time.

The Building Process

Before contacting a professional company to discuss your house additions, make sure that you have written down all of your ideas and questions. This will make your initial conversation with your contractor much easier and can even get your project started sooner than later.

Your contractor will take your ideas and create a blueprint to work from.
Know that your plans may need to be altered a bit depending on zoning laws HOA restrictions and other regulations that may be present in your area. Make sure that your contractor is aware of any restrictions that you may be familiar with so that they can create a feasible blueprint and ensure successful completion of your project.

Pricing Out the Project

Home addition projects can be expensive and sometimes homeowners may want to reduce costs by hiring the lowest bidding contractor. Unfortunately, significantly low prices often mean a lack of experience, professionalism, and expertise. Bespoke Builders is a well-established and respected Phoenix-based residential construction company that takes all projects seriously. We don’t cut costs by hiring inexperienced subcontractors and purchasing cheap building materials. As all professional companies should, we stay on time and on budget. Be sure that the contractor you hire has proven experience creating and sticking to deadlines and budgets. When you work with us, we make sure that all of your needs are met and have the budget best suited for your project.


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