Arizona General Contractor

Choosing a general contractor is an important decision for your business. Whether your project is simply revitalizing your current workspace, expanding, remodeling or building a new structure, your construction project is a business investment that should be given careful consideration. Your project should be functional, long-lasting and meet your required aesthetic. Your workspace speaks volumes for your company without saying a word.

Choosing a General Contractor

On your search for a general contractor, it is important to dig deeper than price. An experienced company like Bespoke Builders understands the construction business and what it takes to see a project through, from conception to completion, in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way possible. Although not necessary, many business people will get pricing from 3 to 5 contractors to ensure they are getting a fair price for their project. Any company that quotes a price considerably lower than the other contractors or so low it seems too good to be true, is a red flag. Some companies are only concerned with getting the contract and will “make up” the difference in cost by cutting corners, using less than quality subcontractors or finding ways to get Change Orders from the client to raise the contract amount. Make sure the contractor you choose has the experience required. You may request a list of similar projects, references or even a list of the subcontractors they intend to use. Bespoke Builders has many satisfied clients to use as references and an excellent team of qualified subcontractors with the skills and experience to provide a quality project, at a fair price, in a timely manner.

The Contractor’s Role

It is essential that your commercial contractor is licensed, bonded and insured. In most states, there are different experience and licensing requirements for residential contractors and commercial contractors. You can check with your state’s contractor licensing board to make sure the company you plan to use is registered, has the appropriate license and is in good standing. You should request proof of insurance and ask to be named as additionally insured, which is standard practice. You can also find out from the local or State governing agency, which in Arizona is the Registrar of Contractors, if there have been any complaints against the contractor you are considering working with. In some states, you must have a licensed contractor in order to pull the building permit for a commercial construction project. While there are always those who will find ways to skirt the system, if you choose to work with an unlicensed company, you run the risk of your project not being completed correctly, or at all. A licensed commercial contractor takes full responsibility for its projects and any issues that may arise from them.

Arizona Building Codes

You must have the appropriate permits for commercial construction in the state of Arizona. In order to obtain a permit, you must provide all information relevant to your construction job including plans, contractor details, and licensing information. Taking on a commercial construction project is no easy task, which is why it’s important to work with a professional and experienced company like Bespoke Builders. Before starting a project, make sure you do your research and know exactly what is required to get started the right way.


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