Commercial Contractor Site Development

There’s a lot to keep in mind when planning a commercial construction project, and one of the most important, yet often overlooked, are site improvements. Many times, before the construction of a new building can begin, alterations, or “improvements”, must be made to the land. These alterations are integral to the success of any construction project. Some of the most common commercial site improvements are bringing underground utilities to the building, adding parking spaces, site lighting, landscapes/hardscapes or accessible travel ways. Site improvements make sure the property will function, as well as look it’s best.

Purpose of Site Improvements

Commercial buildings must function optimally for the businesses they house. Site improvements are needed for different reasons, which may include the existing building occupancy and usage is changing so the needs of the site change, local building codes have been changed or updated, or simply to rejuvenate, revitalize or maintain an existing property. Site Development is also needed for the construction of new facilities since the utilities and amenities are typically not in place where the new building is being constructed.

Commercial Site Improvement Process

Before you can begin the site improvement process, you must create a site plan and lay out exactly what improvements need to be made. After an architect designs the improvements, an engineer will make sure that they function properly. The site plan serves two important purposes: it gives the contractors a visual plan to follow but also makes sure that all building codes are met. The plan must take into account the local landscape and environmental requirements and the urban planning of neighboring communities.

The Importance of Site Improvement

Site improvements are crucial for a successful construction project. When the site is improved, the structure is improved and future projects are able to run much more smoothly. Without proper planning, experience and extensive knowledge of building and zoning codes, a properly executed site improvement project is nearly impossible.


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