Though an outlier in the Phoenix Metropolitan area, Buckeye is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. In terms of both businesses and residents, the city is experiencing a huge population boom. So, what’s going on, and what does that mean for commercial construction?

The City of The Future

To understand the growth of the city and what the future holds, you must understand the area and what it has to offer.

First, Buckeye, and the surrounding area, has a decent amount of affordable land available. This led to an influx of master-planned communities that attract more and more people to the city.

The cost of living in Buckeye allows both families and retirees to live comfortably without worry.

In addition to affordability, Buckeye provides easy access to multiple hiking trails, the Wildlife World Zoo, and the city aquatic center. But the future of Buckeye is much more than master-planned communities and nature walks.

In 2017, it was announced that one of Bill Gates’ subsidiaries purchased thousands of acres of land with the intent of building a “smart city” which will be known as Belmont. They plan to take advantage of the large potential for solar energy Arizona has, with the new city featuring self-driving cars, high-tech manufacturing, and public high-speed internet. The rest of the city will be filled with public schools and commercial, office, residential, and retail space. With the addition of this, Buckeye may soon be even bigger than Phoenix.

Commercial Construction in Buckeye

Even without Bill Gates’ new smart city, more and more people are coming to Buckeye and it doesn’t look like that’s stopping any time soon. This is the ideal environment for commercial construction. Population increases mean two things: the need for goods and services rises and businesses start looking for convenient space. For an experienced company with knowledgeable contractors like Bespoke Builders, this is the best part of a city’s lifecycle; the chance to be a part of the beginning. Because it isn’t just businesses that need to find space; it’s medical centers, office spaces, schools, and more. The need for commercial construction in Buckeye in 2020 is at its peak. And with a smart city coming just outside/attached to Buckeye, that need grows even higher. Obviously, the addition of all those residents and the development of the area require both commercial and residential construction. But there is also going to be an influx of people living within Buckeye during the construction and development of Belmont. That means living and shopping spaces for more people of the new smart city, before it even breaks ground.

The Importance of Experience in Commercial Construction

With a city expanding, it’s not enough to simply supply an appropriate amount of commercial and residential space; it needs to be done by trained professionals. While it is always recommended to go with contractors who have experience, it is especially important as a city grows. Everything needs to go as smoothly as possible for successful growth, so it is imperative that every building contributed is constructed with the utmost care. Using licensed, experienced professionals like the contractors at Bespoke Builders ensures that every building is expertly designed, safe, and up to code. The last thing you want is to have a population boom met by a poorly constructed city.

Looking Forward

Buckeye is the city of the future, and the future of Buckeye lies in commercial construction. As it grows and changes, the industry will be needed to support the city and its people; there simply isn’t any way around it. And by using trained, experienced contractors to build, the city is sure to continue flourishing. Wherever you look in Buckeye, you’ll find an opportunity for the commercial construction industry to make a difference.